Terms & Conditions
The content of the website, including design, text, graphics, photographs and software are owned by Offshore Images and are protected by trademark, copyright and other intellectual property laws.

All images on the Offshore Images website are protected by copyright and may not be downloaded, reproduced, copied, projected or used in any way without the express permission of Offshore Images. The copyright of all photographic works (including transparencies, negatives, prints and digitised images) remains the property of the photographer, Ivor Wilkins. License to use the images for the sole purpose specified in the invoice will be granted on receipt of the appropriate payment.

Licence Fee
The price for use of an image will depend on the intended usage and placement of the image. If you wish to use the image for a purpose beyond the license, further permission must be sought and this will normally require an additional fee.
All images are non-exclusive to the user unless a special exclusive fee has been negotiated and paid.

Conditions of License
The images may not be handed on to third parties or third parties allowed to use the images without our permission.

No alteration or manipulation of the original image is permitted without prior written consent by Offshore Images.

The Client shall not, without our prior written permission, digitally capture or store the image in any form of electronic medium, except for the purpose of the License, and provided that the file or scan must be destroyed immediately after its use for the specified purpose.

Any user who uses an image without permission or contrary to the specified use in the invoice will be liable for a fee double the usual usage rate.

Search and Service Fee
Apart from the images that are displayed, Offshore Images has a huge assortment of images in its library. Offshore Images reserves the right to charge a search fee of NZ$50 to cover the cost of manual researching, scanning and making an image selection. This is payable irrespective of whether any of the images are ordered and does not give permission for the images to be reproduced.

Return of Transparency Images
All original transparencies must be returned by traceable courier to:
250 Riddell Road,
New Zealand

A fee of $1,000 per image will be charged for loss or damage of any image, or failure to return images in 31 days.

Photo Credit
A credit line "Photo by Ivor Wilkins" must be inserted with the image at all times.